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•   Virginia Schuller (Murphy)  7/6
•   Gordon Henry  7/30
•   Albert Haddad  7/28
•   David Gonzalez  5/25
•   Elizabeth Richardson (Jeffreys)  5/22
•   Rosanne Blaugrund (Peyton)  3/17
•   Robert C. Prather, Sr  2/3
•   Marcia Freed (Weisberg)  12/21
•   Margaret Pasanen  12/10
•   Hisham Hashim  10/12
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1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
7 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
2 live in District Of Columbia
3 live in Florida
1 lives in Louisiana
2 live in Massachusetts
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
3 live in New Mexico
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in Tennessee
67 live in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Netherlands
151 location unknown


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Welcome to the web page for the Class of 1963,

El Paso High School, El Paso, Texas!





Happy Birthday to all our Tigers who's  Birthdays are in July!!

Louis Comstock Koch                  7/4

Rita Ravel                                     7/5

Connie McLaurin Paul                 7/10

Amada "Muddie" Flores              7/12

Francisco Luevano                    7/14

Dick Eger                                  7/15

Sam Simon                               7/18

Patsy Sander                            7/19

Stephen Mendelsohn               7/23

Jim Harris                                7/24

















Concession Stand Before

Address Monument

Library Before and After

Fight Song Area Before and After Centennial Tiles

Press Box Before and After Centennial Tiles

Dear Fellow “63” Tigers,

The before and after pictures of EPHS are being sent to you to illustrate what your purchase of the tile was able to accomplish.

The address Monument at Schuster and Virginia was made possible from our class donation funds and a very generous gift from Jim Langdon as well as from The Class of ’64, and Tigers, Friends, and Exes.

Sandy and I are currently working with EPISD to see if they will allow us construct a stage on a concrete platform in The Tiger Garden.  The stage will resemble the front of the school “with columns and all”, and would be used to for stage events and performances.  The funds for the stage are also from the tile proceeds.  All this has been accomplished in the past 4 years with the unrelenting drive of Sandy Aaronson who has seen the tile project start to finish and is still taking orders!

We are very proud of our school and the grounds and urge everyone to come to The Garden, view our beautiful school and recall past happy and cherished times when we were very young!!  Thanks to all Tigers.

Amada “Muddie” Flores













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$16.00 - 1 year

$116.00 - for 10 years

Please everyone join!!

It all goes back to "The Lady"

All money goes to the school Beautification and Centennial Celebration