50th Year Reunion




          On behalf of the EPHS '63 Reunion Committee, we would like to express our appreciation for your support and attendance of our recent reunion activities held on the weekend of Oct. 4, 2013.  On Friday, Oct. 4th we had over 125 guests who attended a fun filled get-together at Ardovinos Desert Crossing. The event was highlighted with 1960's music which brought back many fond memories from our high school days. All guests were in a festive mood reminiscing about old times.

          On Oct. 5, 2013 we all enjoyed the festive venue at the El Paso Club. The  school themed decorations added to the party atmosphere. The evening was attended by all who were at Friday's function. The evening was highlighted with a champagne toast commemorating our 50th year.  The dancing music was enjoyed by all not to mention the fabulous prime-rib buffet.

          On Oct. 6 a prayer memorial service was held recognizing our 29 classmates who have passed away.  We had 53 guests who attended and Willie Martinez and Mike Ulin presided over this memorable day.  As each of the deceased person's name was read, several people provided pleasant memories they had with that classmate.

          We are keeping the website active for several years, at least until our 55th. Please provide us with updates and news on all our classmates as you hear about them. We want everyone to remain active and help us keep current with news on all "63 Tigers" 



EPHS '63 Reunion Committee




WOW!! What a GREAT Reunion!! Haven't had soo much fun in years!! Great to see everyone there. Hey lets do it again, doesn't have to be here in E.P.- Willie Martinez (Oct 8, 2013)


To all of the attendees of our 50th Class Reunion from EPHS. It was wonderful to see one and all and share both the old and the new memories. The arrangements were well planned, the music moving and what a wonderful buffet we got to enjoy on Saturday. We wish you successful retirements and careers; as the case may be. Be well. See you at the double5.- Indio & Pat Beard (Oct 10, 2013)


Thanks to all, for what must have been a tremendous amount of work to make the 50th reunion a big success, and the classmates that attended. Was great to see so many old friends. Hopefully will see you all in 5. Good health to all. Billy Tomlinson (Oct 15, 2013)




















Ardovino's Desert Crossing (Friday October 4 2013)
50th Class Reunion at The El Paso Club (Saturday October 5 2013)
Brunch Buffet at The El Paso Club (Sunday October 6 2013)